Prescott Area Hiking Trails

Prescott Area Hiking Trails

If you’ve ever been to the Prescott area, you know that it offers several different landscapes with countless breathtaking views. These beautiful landscapes feature tons of spectacular hiking trails that lead you through some of the most beautiful terrain in northern Arizona.

Who’s ready to hike some Prescott area trails?


Flume / Watson Lake Trail

4.5 Miles : Moderate Difficulty

One of the most popular trails in our are is undeniably the Flume Trail and Watson Lake trail. This 4.5 mile hike is a highly trafficked loop around Prescott’s beautiful Watson Lake. Hike through the Granite Dells while enjoying the views of the lake and surrounding areas. This trail would be more of a moderate hike, so be sure to prep accordingly.


Lynx Lake Loop Trail

2.4 Miles : Easy Difficulty

 Another must visit trail in Prescott would be the Lynx lake loop tail. This 2.4 mile hike gets a lot of traffic because it is great no matter your skill level. The Lynx lake loop offers hiking, fishing, and has been known for bald eagle sightings as they nest in the area.


Thumb Butte Trail 33

2.5 Miles : Moderate Difficulty

 If you’re looking to hike in the tall pines, look no further; the Thumb butte trail 33 is the Prescott area trail for you! This is a highly trafficked 2.5 mile trail takes you through the tall pines of Thumb Butte.


Constellation Loop Trail

2.4 Miles : Easy Difficulty

 Next up, is the Constellation Loop. This popular loop is a beautiful 2.4 mile hike through the granite dells and is on the easier side of the hikes for the Prescott area.


Spruce Mountain

9.8 Miles : Moderate Difficulty

Another beautiful tall pine hike in the Prescott area and must visit trail is the Spruce Mountain via Groom Creek Loop (#307). This 9.8 mile long hike is considered moderate difficulty because of its incline and distance. If you’re looking for a hike with views, this is the one for you.


Granite Mountain Trail

7.9 Miles : Moderate Difficulty

Although our next hiking trail isn’t the longest or hardest, it may be the best known on our list. The Granite Mountain Trail consists of 7.9 miles of beautiful moderate difficulty hiking. You start at the base of the mountain and work your way to beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Hike the historic mountain that our beloved Granite Mountain Hotshots were named after.


Willow Lake Trail

5.7 Miles : Moderate Difficulty

Next on our list is the 5.7 mile Willow Lake Trail. This trail loops round Prescott’s well known Willow Lake. This is a great one filled with views and wildlife, but is also heavily trafficked. If you travel this trail during the Spring and Summer you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful sunflowers along with tons of other flower species.


Goldwater Lake Trail

8.1 Miles : Easy Difficulty

Goldwater Lakes Trail 396 is number 8 on our list of must visit trails in the Prescott area. This 8.1 mile trail is one of the easier trails on our list. Walk around this beautiful lake and enjoy the wildlife that lives on the lake.


Peavine Trail

11.9 Miles : Moderate Difficulty

The Peavine trail is the longest trail in our list of Prescott area hiking trails. This 11.9 mile trail is moderate in difficulty. Besides being a long hike, this one will take you from one side of town to another and is full of spectacular sights.


Giant Alligator Juniper Trail

4.7 Miles : Moderate Difficulty

While all the trails on our list are great hiking trails, this last trail is near and dear to the hearts of local “Prescottonians’; the giant Alligator Juniper Trail. In June of 2013, our town lost 19 firefighters who fought hard to save this alligator juniper from wildfire. This 4.7 mile hike is just outside of town and filled with spectacular scenic views. Although this hike is shorter than most on our list, it is one of the harder trails.


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