Arizona Monsoon Season and Your Home

Monsoon thunderstorm

Epic Monsoon Thunderstorm

Arizona Monsoon Facts

In case you didn’t realize, we are in the middle of Arizona’s Monsoon season. With this crazy drought we have been experiencing, we are excited to see every drop of rain hit the ground. Did you know that we receive 40-50% of our annual precipitation between June and September every year!? The average rainfall during the monsoon season is between 6-12 inches! In 2021, we had our 20th wettest monsoon seasons with 7.93 inches (according to and most experts predict this year will be even wetter!

How to Protect your home

But what does this mean for the Arizona monsoon season and your home? During monsoon season in Arizona, humidity levels stay relatively high causing mold and mildew issues we may not see any other time of year.

Check areas that aren’t cleaned as often

It is crucial that you pay extra attention to areas that you may not clean as often. Be sure to clean all of your corners (especially those high ones in the bathroom), areas behind things, window tracks and window sills. 

Check your windows

Always check that all of your windows are closed when it is raining so you don’t get water damage on your walls, window sills, curtains, furniture, baseboards, and floors. Also check the seals on all of your windows and doors to prevent precipitation from entering at those seams. Although you want those windows closed when it is raining, it’s best to open them and let your home get some fresh air and ventilation as much as possible when it isn’t raining. 

Have rugs to wipe your feet

Make sure you have ample rugs, both interior and exterior, to wipe feet on to keep dirt and water from damaging your beautiful flooring; this will also help keep you from spreading excess germs throughout your house. Constant water exposure to your floors can cause rippling and damage to your subfloor while tracking dirt can cause staining and scratches in addition to the spread of germs throughout your home. 

Check the exterior of your home for pooling water

Check around your house for areas of pooling water and eliminate them by creating proper drainage or dumping whatever is collecting the water. Insects, like mosquitos, breed in pooling water and can create pest issues if not attended to. Pooling water around your yard can cause erosion and seep into your foundation causing cracking and settling issues. Be sure water is being directed away from your home. 

Prevention easier than having to do repairs

Water can cause loads of damage so it is important that you go through your home every monsoon season to ensure the excess precipitation doesn’t ruin any part of your home. Preventative action is a lot easier and less expensive than having to make repairs once the damage has been done. We hope you’re enjoying this beautiful monsoon season and all the spectacular sunsets the monsoons bring.