7 Don’ts Once You Go Under Contract

If you are looking to buy some property, or have already found the perfect home and are under contract, then these are 7 things you definitely need to avoid while you are under contract. We have seen many buyers lose their dream home when they do any of the following things after they’ve gone under contract.

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Now, let’s jump into the 7 don’ts once you go under contract on your home:

  1. Don’t make any Major Purchases (Furniture, cars, home theatre systems, appliances, vacation, etc.)
  2. Don’t change your employment status
  3. Don’t change bank accounts or make undisclosed large deposits
  4. Don’t increase your credit card debt or miss any payments
  5. Don’t spend money you set aside for closing costs or down payment
  6. Don’t apply for a credit card, co-sign a loan, or make any credit card inquiries
  7. Don’t delay in providing all paperwork asked for by your mortgage company